Lose 20lb Of Fat (And Add Muscle) In The Next 90 Days

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That Make This Total Body Transformation So Effective


Primal Physique

Primal Physique system mixes functional and aesthetic elements in a perfect blend. We call it "Functional Aesthetics".

With this workout plan you'll build a body that looks worthy of a greek god. Toned but never bulky. Lean but dangerous. Like Brad Pitt in the Fight Club.

And the functional part means you'll have the flexibility and strength to dominate your natural environment . Whether that's 18 holes of golf, a family day at the park (or the trail) or... taking care of your boat.

It'll be an investment in your body that's easy to appreciate from aside or from within! And just like a Warren Buffet investment - it will pay dividends for life.

A Functional Aesthetics Workout System

Metabolic Fasting

Leverage your muscle to torch your fat. My metabolic fasting system will give you an enviable advantage - full control over your metabolism without the constant hunger. And without losing the muscle you've built.

With it you can get lean (and stay lean) fast, all while eating your favourite meals on a regular basis. It gives you a unique level of flexibility that can only be achieved with a metabolic fasting system like this.

This protocol alone is worth the investment and used to be the entire offer creating dozens of very happy customers. It's the perfect system those who have "business meal" in their job description. And for people who value clear and simple systems above all else.

A Muscle-Sparing, Fat Annihilating Fasting Protocol


Guaranteed Cut

This mindset accountability and coaching model is based on proven and reliable success psychology principles.

Originally developed by cognitive behavioural therapy practitioners it allows you to reprogram your mind for change.

It's what special forces operators, high end drug treatment clinics and psychologists use to enable a rapid shift in mindset, beliefs and habits.

It's like installing an autopilot system for making better decisions, without your constant supervision.

A Habit Coaching System Based on Decades of Success Psychology Research

Fitness Fuel Masterclass

In this module I'll show you how you can eat well and stay well. Even if you eat fast food, can't cook, have family needs to take care of or don't have time (or desire) to become an "Part Time Nutritionist".

First you'll get a customized meal plan made exactly for your needs.

Then I'll give you the exact system for hiring a student personal chef that will SAVE you money on cooking & shopping. Especially if you eat out and order food in.

Plus I'll show you how you can eat at McDonald's, KFC, and 11 other fast food chains and still lose weight. And if that wasn't enough...

You'll also get two specialized cook books with all your favorite meals reimagined (half the calories and twice the protein). Think lasagna, ice cream and delectable desserts. These delicious 15-minute meals are proven family favorites. And they're perfect as manuals to train your personal assistant on. They'll save you money and energy without sacrificing any flavor.

Eat Rich, Decadent Foods & Shred Fat Anyway


What do they say?

I've lost 22kg and still going!!

II joined Six Pack Fast Track in 2022 after watching Jake's YouTube videos. I was quite interested in the fasting elements of his programme as for me it seems so much more logical as I never have enough time anyway and it's so much more time effective for me fasting

The whole system was relatively easy to implement. A few parts of the training didn't fit with me because of previous injurys so jake tailored another programme for me 😀

His system works! It's now a part of my lifestyle.

- Tom Handley - Construction Company Owner

Helped me win gold 🥇

I joined Six Pack Fast Track to help me lose weight for a Brazilian Jiu Jidsu championship. In the last 10 weeks I've lost 13kg of fat and was able to make my weight category for the big fight. Yesterday I won the GOLD medal against a jacked special ops military guy. My strength is through the roof and I feel great. I've lost little to no muscle despite the rapid weight loss. My BJJ coach has never seen anything like it. Next fight is in 4 weeks. This time at the national level, but I have to lose 2 more kg of fat to make the new weight category. With Six Pack Fast Track system I should be able to make the new weight class as well. I've got my new fitness plan today and I'll post a progress update after the fight.

- Diego Campos - Educator, Speaker, Marketing Company Owner

What are you waiting for?

There's no better time to take control of your fitness. With Six Pack Fast Track library of tools and systems its easier and faster than ever before.